A HEPA Extractor System to fit any equipment

S Line - Single Phase Extractors

S13 S26 S36

T Line - Three Phase Extractors

T4000 T7500
T8600 T10000
T15000 T18000

Propane and Gas Dust Extractors

S36 Propane T8600 Propane
T4000 Gas T7500 Gas Hepa

C Line - Pre-Separators

In grinding operations producing large amounts of dust, your dust extractor may need to be supplemented with a pre-separator.

C1300 C3000 C5500

W Line - Wet/Dry Vacuums

Powerful wet cleaners with up to 18 gallon tanks ideal for a wide variety of applications inlcluding coring, saw cutting, and grinding.

W70 W70P W2000/2

Pullman-Holt Air Scrubbers

Our line of HEPA portable air scrubbers are designed for the professional contractor to improve air quality and the quality of work.

A600 A1200

Parts & Accessories

Ermator Line Pullman Line