Propane and Gas Dust Extractors

S36 Propane HEPA Dust Extractor

Three large, commercial-grade vacuum motors provide over 353CFM and 100 inches of water lift, plenty of power to handle any mid-size planetary floor grinder.

T4000 Gas HEPA Extractor

T4000 Gas is one of the newest members of Ermator's HEPA dust extractors. The high water lift secures high suction with enough power for mid sized grinders scarifiers saws and shop blasters.

T7500 Gas HEPA Extractor

 The T7500 Gas is equipped with a powerful motor delivering exceptional airflow at 353 CFM. It comes with two oversized tested and certified HEPA filters to ensure clean air exhaust.

T8600 Propane HEPA Dust Extractor

The T8600 Propane is the strongest propane vacuum on the market. No other propane vacuum can match it's features.