Wet/Dry Vacuums

45-10P Wet/Dry Vacuum

Offering an unmatched combination of power and economy, the Model 45-10P Wet/Dry Vacuum has become one of our most popular wet/dry vacuums. It is equipped with a two horsepower motor that will handle any kind of wet or dry pick-up application.

45-20P Wet/Dry Vacuum

The new model 45-20P is equipped with the same popular and powerful motorhead equipped in the model 45-10P but with a tank capacity that reaches 20 gallons. With 105 inches of waterlift and 110 CFM, it will provide fast, high volume pick-up of all kinds of heavy wet or dry materials.

45-20POV Wet Pump-out Vacuum

The 45-20POV is a wet vacuum, specially designed for high volume pick-up of slurries, spills, water damage projects and flood water. Equipped with a 40 gal/min discharge pump built-in inside a 20 gallon tank, the 45-20POV can empty the tank continuously without interruption to the vacuuming process.

45-20SV Squeegee Vacuum

Powerful, portable wet/dry vacuum design specifically for large area recovery of liquids. The 45-20SV is equipped with a front-mounted 29-inch squeegee assembly that is raised and lowered via foot pedal.

Big Red Drum W/D Vacuum

Now you can handle those tough large commercial jobs. Our new all inclusive BIG RED Drum Vacuum comes complete with Drum and dolly. Equipped with a 2-stage, 2-hp bypass motor, the Big Red Wet/Dry Vacuum is ideal for heavy-duty service with fast pick-up of most dirt, litter, soot and liquids.

HEPA Vacuum Adaptor for 55 Gallon Drum

Our popular 2-hp, 2-stage long-life motor sits atop a steel drum to create the ultimate in vacuum recovery. This unit features an unsurpassed 55 gallons in wet recovery and 7.2 bushels of dry capacity (Steel Drum not included).